Is't cooler than rap-music…haha
Interview with Flyswatter
By Robert Pally

Flyswatter is a very promising German Indierock band in the vein of the Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids, Foo Fighters or Snowdogs. They just released their second album "Repeat in pattern". Singer and guitar player Florian "Florry" Kämmerling talks in the interview about Emo, influences, music magazines and their first rehearsal.

E.C.: People call your style Emo. What does that mean for you?

Florian Kämmerling: It is a label created back in the mid-eighties when FUGAZI put out records, that were described as EMO-Core. It was a definition which was very unique and definable at that time. Emotional Hardcore! Wow, that sounded good at that time! Up to now it's become a description just like crossover is, including so many different styles of music making it impossible to have a clear understanding of what it actually stands for! People obviously need to have certain categories to put music in. That´s just normal and we´re totally cool with that.

E.C.: Are there any bands that have a more spiritual influence on you than musically? If yes, what actually inspires you about their attitude / lyrical content?

Florian Kämmerling: Well, it was basically FUGAZI (again..) that totally impressed me with their attitude towards the whole music industry. I still admire them for always taking a stand for themselves and definitely never selling out shit!

E.C.: You are one of a 1000 or more bands that use hard guitars and poppy vocals. How do you try to make yourself unique?

Florian Kämmerling: Why would we have to force it?. We rather try to write songs and sound as good as we can possibly get. We love the music we play and think of it as "unique" as we, our four piece band, are the ones to play it. The problem nowadays is that everybody seems to be waiting for the next "big thing", the next "revolution". Funny that there are a 1000 bands starting their Band name with a "The…" which are individually dealt as the "next big thing".

E.C.: What's the idea behind the cover and the album title?

Florian Kämmerling: Everything repeats itself. whether it's musically, socially or mentally! If this repetition is good or bad everyone has to find out for themselves. The cover shows this mean-looking face visualizing the demand "Repeat in Pattern!". There's no way of not repeating! The lyrics of "Repeat.." exactly deal with issues of repeating and trying to break out of it.. For example "Sin Embassy": it's about the music scene and the fact that many bands come around and stagnate while pretending to be something they're not!

E.C.: What was important for you when chose the band name?

Florian Kämmerling: Nothing actually. We got it from a friend, when we asked him if he had an idea of a band name. So no big story behind it here… we just got stuck with it and I actually like it! That's us…

E.C.: The German music magazine Visions has put you on one of their compilations, which helped you. Is the way over Visions necessary to make it with your kind of music?

Florian Kämmerling: I think every kind of appearance in Music-Zines is very important! It´s great to have Alternative Mags and Fanzines like Visions, OX, Metal Hammer and more to write about what we do. And it's very helpful to have kids find out about new bands. I just have to say THANX to every MAG writing about FLYSWATTER.

E.C.: What happened at your first rehearsal? When was that?

Florian Kämmerling: Hmm…must have been around 1994 in my parents house, where my father had his little studio where Tony (Bass) and I were rehearsing some cover-versions. Soon Atilla (our ex-drummer) joined us on a electropad-drumkit. It was very basic at first...haha. I remember me, Tony and Atilla in this small room playing "Low Self Opinion" from the Rollins Band and "Merchandise" from FUGAZI…yihhaa!

E.C.: How different did you sound when you started in 1994 to now?

Florian Kämmerling: Well, pretty much different, I guess. Back in 1994 we listened a lot to TOOL and Rollins Band, but on the other hand ALL / Descendents and a whole lot of Punk-Stuff too. Our Music was always a mix of everything we liked, I guess! Over the years we found out what we're capable of musically and technically. Up to now we have "found" our way of interpreting Rock-Music the way we like it… being able of that is a true gift!

E.C.: What is your goal as band?

Florian Kämmerling: To have people enjoying our music and coming to our shows and to make good records till the day we die! I don't think it's pathetic to say so, cause we've hung around in the Punk/HC scene ever since and playing live is definitely one major reason why we started a band at first! Of course we also wish to sell some copies of our records and it would also be cool to make a living on what we love the most. So I'm always excited about the future…

E.C.: How does a band without a big label get their music to the people? How much does the internet help?

Florian Kämmerling: It offers a large range of opportunities to the makers and the listeners of music. Sure it is tough and a lot of hard work to promote your band without the background of a major label, but there's still enough people who care about Independent-music and are interested in new stuff without getting it served on plate by marketing campaigns. I think, all in all, the scene is alive and what goes around comes around!

E.C.: What's the fascination about music with loud guitars?

Florian Kämmerling: It is just cooler than rap-music..haha! Rock music just have to have loud guitars. It just feels good and it's a bunch of fun!!

E.C.: On what level do you operate this band. Do all of you still work fulltime? How often do you rehearsal per week?

Florian Kämmerling: Tony is the only "fulltime" working guy in the band. He works for a large Internet Provider in Munich. I'm becoming a Computer-nerd, Philip (drummer) is becoming an Audio-Engineer and Kristijan, our new guitar player, is a Skateboarder to the core. He works at a skate shop in Munich and has its own Skateboard Brand "United Skateboard Artists". So there's enough time to play in a band and go on tour! Usually we rehearse once a week, writing new songs, playing old stuff and just freak around…the chemistry is still awesome!

E.C.: What would you suggest to a band that wants to start in the same field like you?

Florian Kämmerling: I guess the key is playing as much live shows as possible! Get yourself started and find people making up shows or make up your own. If you're band's cool the rest will follow naturally... In fact there's no recipe on how to do it, but I guess this is always a good starting point!

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